listen in the quiet places

May 29, 2012

“Things come to me and I give them you you. If you fo not want to know these truths, then you must leave now. Otherwise, all that I see will be spoken.

“Only when one distances himself from the world of noise and chaos can the mind hear the other side. The readings come from the earth around me, through me, not from me. They pass through me and I pick from them what I feel is important to have and to give out. All of life is one. It’s like a spider’s web. When one thing disrupts the web, it is felt by all. I feel I must be a single thread in the web of the world. How else could I feel the vibrations?

“Zamba is a lion of the universe. He will not survive unless he is conditioned to come with the knowledge you share with him in your life. The multitude of things in your life will hinder your ability to speak to one another.

“The communication you seek is within your grasp through him but your world is far too congested for you t hear him. Listen in the quiet places and maybe you will hear him, You will not speak in your tongue or his to hear each other. You will speak within yourselves to hear each other. Zamba knows not of what I say here today, but he feels it and knows the feeling and warmth coming from it.

“The communication you seek is found in the emotions of all living things, and in the earth. This is what you must learn to be able to speak to all things.”

—the Mganga, as told to Ralph Helfer
in Zamba: The True Story of the Greatest Lion that Ever Lived

2 Responses to “listen in the quiet places”

  1. nishanil said

    From listening comes wisdom and from speaking, repentance…

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