… to Kingdom Come

June 6, 2012

So last nite I am standing at Allegra LaViola Gallery, lookinn at Ellen Jong’s photographs from her first solo show, The Invisible Line, and I am surrounded everywhere by the most intimate sort of images of her husband, who I know well enough to blush at first sight, second, third, fourth. I’m real happy for Miss Jong, cause she won the Academy Award, yup, you know, when she opened her Christmas gift she smiled to herself and said, Score!

Now I’ve seen these photographs for a minute or two, Miss Jong having first published them in a book called, Getting to Know My Husband’s Cock. And I was shocked, I tell you, shocked. My lil vanilla self scandalized, but you know that’s parta the giggle right. But last nite at the gallery, I had a revelation. Might be the juice cleanse doinn things to me. But I could see something in these images I neva saw before. This is a goood man. This is the kinda man I’d like in my land. The kinda man to let me do my thing and back me up to Kingdom Come.

The Invisible Line, now thru July 6

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