Aqui Estamos / Here We Are

June 14, 2012

Words by Lilla Szasz

Aqui Estamos / Here we are is like a big collection of faces. Like a family album. Or an album of an imaginary society, an album of feelings, experiences, memories.

People are jumping down from the wall, getting together, sharing their lives with each other. Faces that are not beautiful in its literal sense. Faces, that try to hide something, or, in contrast, that can’t hide the reality.

I can see a face of Marilyn that is not often photographed, a face where she is vulnerable, lonely and sad. This photo reminds me of Truman Capote’s short story, a short story, where she is as she is, without masks, without faces, shy, confused and vulnerable.

I can see a beautiful boxer looking down on me. He is handsome as a man can be. Yet, his eyes express something, something that makes me anxious, that doesn’t let me go. Something that makes me afraid.

I can see a family torn apart by alcohol; people struggling from their own closed realities. They seem not to communicate with each other, things are happening without control, cats are jumping from the ceiling; every family member lives its very lonely life. Yet, when the father looks in the eyes – in the camera of his son, he asks, begs for his help. He begs for escape.

Masks are a very important part of the show, masks on men, masks on women, masks without having masks. Masks hide reality, yet, masks create another reality, in my case for example, a reality that my people created for their survival. A reality that helps them to survive. Survive the fact that life may not have had sense because of the cruelty of history, survive the fact of prostitution, survive the fact of elderly hood.

Masks are everywhere. Realities are everywhere. The exhibition is as diverse as life is. Its diversity is in people, in masks, in the tremendous number and types of feelings it causes in the viewer.

So, here we are. Aqui Estamos

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