tell your story ~

June 27, 2012


Dance like everyone is watching. They are. Energy vibrates between bodies and yours will tell a story.

Dancing is a lot like sex. It’s another language that everyone can speak. Some people mutter, some people scream, some people sing, some people steal your breath away.

Singing is freedom. It is the most powerful instrument in the world. The human voice resonates in ways that go beyond the spoken word.

Words are commands, powers untold. They are divine and magical. Of everything on this earth, take greatest care with your word.

That is the spoken word, the written word, and perhaps most overlooked, the word of thought. What happens in your mind is a mirror of your heart. Listen carefully to the beat of life and the beat of death and have the wherewithal to tell the two apart.

Specificity defies poverty of thought. Generalizations are for limp minds and lax imaginations. It’s exciting to be exact, just as it is honorable to stay silent. Or you can say whatever you like and live with whatever you bring on.

Talk is cheap. Therapy is expensive. Dig it.

Capitalism is the opiate of the masses. Money is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. That we aren’t wise in how to use this tool, well, ignorance is not always bliss.

No one owes you anything. You owe it to yourself.

Find your voice and use it.

You already know. Silence the mind. Speak from the heart. Love is the language of God.

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