I go with the flow and today’s flavor is rose. And I’m sitting with Mr. Loving on lawn chairs of red, white, and blue and the Astroturf is glorious and the goldfish are pretzel and the rose is wet and they got bottles because they knew I was coming and someone’s got real grass and it’s being handed to me and that’s when the skies open.

We’re on the top floor and there’s nothing above us except what we dream and what we dream is always so effortless and I’m saying to Mr. Loving, well actually I gotta say this first. We both keep tripping out that we met in 2000. And it’s been twelve years. He was with Savoy and I was handing off books and Savoy folded and he stayed in DC and we been vibing ever since.

And it’s always been like this. Effortless. Except now effortless is the air that perfumes my world. This is how to live. It’s so good you almost swear it’s a trick except the trick is making you believe you deserve anything less.

And when I inhale that grass and the rose trickles down my tongue and I’m smiling at Mr. Loving because I’m saying, I get it. It’s like Life is Love and Love is Work and Work is Life so that none of the pieces ever separate. I’m saying all I wanna do it write and make books and throw parties and dance because wait, did I tell you, Summer Love is happening!

We got the rooftop and I think that’s a sign. Effortless. It’s just like, if you speak the words the Universe unfolds right before your very eyes. Because, wait, when was it? Sunday? And it hasn’t even been a week and I haven’t even announced it. We just getting step one in place.

We got the Yes. Three of the prettiest letters in the world. And I know what they stand for. And yea so, to Mr. Loving and I’m saying I don’t know how it is but this is how work is meant to be. Vibes and energies of like minds and art and love and it’s kinda crazy in the sense that I already know this but sometimes I forget the way I Dream of Genie and I slipped out my bottle again.

And we’re looking at The Slant and then one two one two and it’s all because of Lena and Nina and I just noticed that rhymes. And Mr. Loving is holding his heart and I can feel it beating against his palm and I’m smiling silently and all the energies are unfolding because he’s saying…

I can’t say it yet. It’s too soon. But it’s like this. Mr. Loving sees it and I am on fiyaahh because I’m saying ohmagosh, when worlds collide. And then I’m laughing and I’m saying, Yo! What were we just talking about—we were talking about how to work. When work is love. And it’s like we said it and then, BOOM, it popped off and Mr. Loving is saying this is how we do and I’m saying ohmagosh.


Most people aren’t looking. It’s always always there when you look but when you close your eyes and your ears and your heart and your mind you’re locked in a vault. And eventually the oxygen gonn run out and you gonn be dead and we all gonn be dead but if you been in a vault you done missededed it!

And I’m saying to Mr. Loving. We see it. That’s one. Two is, we don’t stand in the way. You know a lotta people do. They see opportunity and they either try to ride it like they horse thieves or they haters so they say nothing and it’s like my girl Gwen Guthrie sang.

Nothinn froma Nothinn leads to Nothinn.

You gotta have something. And I’m not talkinn about money. I’m talkinn about the eye and the heart and the ear and the mind and Mr. Johnson is playinn the random megamix and we just smilinn. Because.

Wow. I wanted to write about this but I didn’t even think there was a story until I read Day Seven’s question. I can’t even believe it.

Do you find that inspiration to write happens organically, or do you sometimes feel that you need to seek it out?


I feel for all the people who hold themselves back. I feel like I’m that streaker on the field during the World Series. Seriously. I’m running around naked like a gottamn hippie. Or I’m like Marilyn Monroe talking about the only thing I wear to bed is Chanel No. 5.