note to self

July 13, 2012

10 Responses to “note to self”

  1. who Yo friend is.. is that your sister …

    • Miss Rosen said

      don’t know who she is .. found this photo online. inspired by the beauty of her look and about letting my hair go big and wild ..

      • If thats what you want to do; I can’t really see your face; do you have others pictures that are revealing the puzzle

      • Miss Rosen said

        nope ~ i don’t post up like that ..

      • interesting; keep it hid; I ust to be like that back in the day when I use nickle & dime but now I reach so much more… Might as well lay on the line.. if you know what I mean if you don’t its cool thou… just remeber ever on U…

      • Miss Rosen said

        i hear you ..

        in the words of Mr. Brown, he told me one of the reasons he was attracted to writing was that one was not judged on their appearance but one had to connect on the quality and caliber of their mind.

        undoubtedly a time shall come when i will appear as that is part of the publishing game but til that time comes i fall all the way back and allow the focus to be on my inner, rather than outer, manifestation ..

      • “connecting on the quality and caliber of the mind” now enter the “Domain of what is the reason for” Im just on wordpress networking cause I had a chance to make a couple of musical tracks and a chance to express my self through art & lit… nothing more…
        O, Course if i see a bright picture of her Yeah Im say hello; or if I view a great piece of Art i will comment; thats what the Website was design for… not to be hidden; but to meet people and make something positive out of the exchange… This world we live in is very young……but we will grow in time… so what part of the world do you live in?

      • Miss Rosen said

        everyone has their purpose and their vision and i commend you for pursuing your dream.

        but me, used to be that i was out and about. completely overexposed. no mystery, no allure, no time to find out who i truly was until i left it all behind. not putting up photos of myself does not preclude the possibility of connection of the heart, spirit, and mind. if anything it does not distract from my purpose as an artist.

        i am a third generation new yorker. but my origins are eighteenth dynasty egypt ~*~ and long before then it was the great rift valley, but lets not get me started talking about my love of simians (smile)

      • “Simians” & 13 dynasty egyptians I learned something new; Here’s my Email; send me yours For I can share some Music & ART with you….

      • Miss Rosen said

        with all due respect, i prefer to keep my communiques to this blog. if you have a link to your work, i would be happy to check it out ..

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