when you speak your heart’s wish it will come

July 14, 2012

Artwork by Vladmir Kush

8 Responses to “when you speak your heart’s wish it will come”

  1. Now if only figuring out your heart’s wish was simple…

    • Miss Rosen said

      here is what i am learning. you already know. when we cannot hear our heart, it is because we are in the way.

      too often we make wishes, and our wishes are nitemares. and we get exactly what we asked for. problem is we don’t learn the lesson because we can’t own the fact we set ourselves up to fail.

      but mee. i attribute all my success to all my failure. were it not for the thousands of times i fall upon my face… the thing is not simply to get up and dust yourself off, tho this is essential, the thing is to figure out the lesson you were trying to teach yourself.

      so my dear Miss Shadows, if i might…

      if your wish is to hear your wish, then all you have to do is listen. don’t think. don’t speak. just listen ~*~

      • Oh yes, careful what you wish for. THAT one I do know/ have learned.
        Just listen. This one is hard for me simply because I think too much on whether or not I’m listening correctly. Which is ridiculous. But as of late I’ve figured this out and told myself to shut it. Interesting what you find when you aren’t using your eyes.
        Thank you. :)

      • Miss Rosen said

        you know how i know when i am listening correctly? i have a physical reaction.

        pain = bad scene/hard lesson coming on.
        pleasure = good fortune but of it take the greatest care.
        squirmy = pushing you somewhere new. keep your eyes open and stay listening.

        there’s another feeling. this one is freaaaky. it’s like being high or dizzy or i don’t know, transported ? this one comes when you can touch the sky without leaving the ground.


      • You have your own detector key – that’s awesome! You must be experienced at listening.

      • Miss Rosen said

        honestly, it was always happening but i didn’t make it a point to listen carefully until i read the things you sent. now i realize, i have to listen otherwise (dum dum dum)

        i think we all have our own detectors. they defy logic so we “dismiss” them. i have a huge huge theory on this. i wrote about it in brief but i should do deeper. needless to say, you have the ability to pick up the same frequencies. we all have chakras ~*~

      • Unfortunately I think we dismiss a lot of illogical things that happen to be true and are staring us in the face for a reason.

        Glad I could be of help. ;) It was up to you in the end though, whether or not to listen.

  2. Bete said

    i loved coming to your website, from now on i will be always coming back here to visit.

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