go with tha floww

July 26, 2012

I’ve started writing without words so that by the time I come to the page it flows like water. Ohh lawd it feels like Yemaya cause thas where it all began. To the water it is the water, it is and will always return.

But. Words. Wow wait what have you done to me. Words or you or me doesn’t really matter because I didn’t really sleep in the best possible way. I think I had a hangover. I mean from not sleeping or from the sun or from Nile Rogers last night smiling at me the whole time cause thas me next to the stage.

Arms in the air and he wrote everythann and I know this is a blessing cause everyone is wearing white and it’s like Bahia and Yemaya and me I’m surfinn so nice. And he is smilinn and his singers are smilinn and thas we why do this riigh. To be on stage to be the stage all the world is a stage and me I’m whpshh whpshh whpshh.

Hangover’s kinda gone and now all that remains is this feelinn of total freedom, and me smilinn at iamsofree and African Mami and all of this love thas happeninnn on the page.

Hayyy ~

Day Nineteen isn’t gonna get under my skinn cause the last two days I been kinda feisty but not today nuhh uhh no way. Describe your revision process.

Do you want to hear about how I read and reread this until the rhythm is just right. Nahh you don’t wanna hear that. I’ve decided it for youu. Cause something else is so much more interestinn that I am possessed like yess, all this yesness I am possessed. And it’s been so long since I felt this that I’m sayinn well ow as in wow as in yes.

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