the lady & the lion

July 27, 2012

Take Two

Low low energy so don’t mind me. Today was a trance without any vibrations. Open chakras, four of them, me laid out on the bed like I’d been up doinn lines but no such thang. Just, damn, it’s been a long month. Long hot summer, slow fuckinn burn. I keep thinkinn I got deeper reserves. But I come up empty and you kinda take my breath away.

I was standinn on Fourth and Flatbush yesterday when you came into my mind and I saw this image and I kinda staggered or swayed. I’d like to be straight but I see it. I’m indirect and it’s just my way. Scenic route, is it? Ahh well. I’m a tree hugger and I don’t know how to drive, so there’s that too.

I’d like to say more. I keep revising this (smile). But perhaps there is nothing more to say for tonite…

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