it is always the words that undress you

August 2, 2012

I am or usedta be but I’m sure I will always be a publicist. That’s just blood. I can’t never not. I just am what I am and I run with it so here you have it. Me. Doing Me. Doing Me. Cause if I don’t who else will?

It’s like this. Yesterday I’m chillinn. Thinking of Mr. Ex talking about stealing words and language and thinking about my folder. It’s called QUOTES. I been stuffing it with images of words that remind me of me or of who I want to be and the file’s over 300 now and sometimes I peruse it for titles to posts. But mostly, I ignore it and just add more to it, la di da.

I thought of it yesterday cause I been stealing or taking or sharing words for so long that I didn’t even think. Then I thought, I wonder what’s in there. Then I thought, This is worth something. So I started to collage. I mean, I bought a couple of glue sticks the other day but I’m not ready for alla that til I get me some ..

So there I was, collaging along. Felt real nice. Kinda special. It wasn’t fabulous but it felt… different. I put it together and I titled it, It Is Always the Words That Undress You, thinking of how I’ma rewrite my novel and be gloriously naked on the page.


I get an email from WordPress. They tell me they’re putting it on their homepage. I’m Freshly Pressed. I ain’t eva been Freshly Pressed. This feels gooood. Like, I wasn’t even trying and I got props for my nonsense.

Me gusta, bebe.

So here it is. Today. I’m the lead story. For as long as I am. I’ll be today’s headlines, tomorrow it will be someone else.

But you know what I love most? That it belongs to The Kingdom of Eternal Night. That’s my other blog. That’s what got props. Because, as much as I love this site, The Kingdom is like, my love child. It’s everything I’m learning, finessed with style. I originally created it for reasons which will be revealed later.

Now it’s funny cause I was hanginn with Mr. Johnson yesterday and he asked What’s goinn on so I told him about this honor and I showed him the story and as I sat here looking at it with him in his space, I saw it through fresh eyes.

White Girl Problems.

It Is Always The Words That Undress You

8 Responses to “it is always the words that undress you”

  1. Miss Rosen, I just ran right over to The Kingdom and hitched up.

    And as far as I’m concerned, each of your posts is “Freshly Pressed.” But congrats in any event.

    Kind regards,

    Mr. Ross

    • Miss Rosen said

      hayyy ~*~

      thanks for cominn on out ! am so thrilled ! today is such a good day. i’m so pleased you are a part of it !

  2. It is always the words that dress and decorate your naked soul.

    • Miss Rosen said

      it be that way sometimes ~*~

      • It be that way since you were born. The words you gain – it’s your mental “attire”. The words you give to others then (and thus undress yourself) – your gift to show what you feel now and what you’d learned while you’ve been dressing. Your piece of meditation was rather good. : ) I’ve just added to it. Duet : )

      • Miss Rosen said

        oOo ~ i get it !

        thank youuu.
        my favorite thing in life is the space between us ~*~

  3. Nubian goddess said

    Oh miiiiiiii goshhhh!!! So happy for you mama!! (didn’t even bother reading the post, really tired- will come back tomorrow, and re-read, I just saw freshly pressed and went gotdamn KRAY!) Muah, muah, muah!!

    Your writing is FUCKING epic!! I’ve ALWAYS maintained and told you that!!!

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