Okay there’s this parta that shroom story I left out. The shrooms was kickinn and I was standinn on one of them stools while this chocolate boy girl wonder in red red red was it sequins or something else? I feel like. No wig. (Snaps). Kevin Aviance. I knew I’d remember.

Right so Kevin is on stage doinn somethinn, his thing you know it was the 90s. I got foggy memories and good outfits and odd moments. And this is one of em. Kevin is lyp sinking and I’m on the stool swayyy in this hayy mannnn kinda way. It’s heavy cause things are gettinn blurry like the edges of the frame and the scene is sometime in the 60s and it’s a concert and I’m not sure who’s on stage because I realize I am no longer in my own body.

I am in Ellen’s body and I am spaced on her last name because she was a child of the 60s and was all about that first name nonsense. Dirty hippies.

Well, now I was one of em. It was odd. Not just to be in someone else’s body. But to be in the body of a person I knew. I felt like I was invading her space, but then, I also kinda loved it because I was getting into the concert and then I was blinking back and forth through the music until finally I returned to the 90s and was looking at the neon and screaminnn queens talkinn bout, You betttaaa work.