Would everyone know. Could they know. It’s all Discretion tho. Thas the thing. I seen it on a tattoo. Thas proof it’s true.

Everything overlaps until it stops making sense and thas Talking Heads. David Byrne. I seen him in seersucker posted up on Spring and Broadway on a bike and his hair is flyy ohmagosh. He was giving it and you just donn see that anymore. Especially downtown. But David Byrne. Yeaa. Daytime.

I think I’m looking at things in reverse but they might be upside down. Like playing cards. Spin it a bit. Yeaa thas it. A lil dizzy but no one can tell a thing I always tell myself. It’s like I am in a parade, or I am a parade, I just float and sway.

I like paths that appear when I approach. Out of nothingness like how I’d imagine the edge of the Universe. It’s dark shadows and special effects, the end of light as we know it.  Cause none of this has anything to do with anything else. It’s all sewn together from cheesecloth.

Day 32: What is your biggest writing weakness, and what do you think you need to change to work on it?

I love the phrase artistic conceit. Too much so. I’m all kindsa sweet. We on honeyymoonn you knoww. I don’t want to work on it. I don’t want to work on a thing.