wait for the answer ~

August 16, 2012

Prowlinn downtown Brooklyn like a leopard print bunny cat Island of Doctor Moreau remix and it hits me so hard I have to sit down. We’re the aliens. Born of eternity into these bodies on this planet for this instant and everyone is on a mission and I’m sitting downtown and people are passing, men in blue button down shirts and women in skirts and it’s lunch so people post up in chairs, enjoyinn this day. And I’m feelinn like I might fall over cause everyone’s on this, oblivious, programmed into some pattern that seems similar until you pull at the seams.

Mm yes and I’m sittinn there thinkinn of how we’re all gettinn messages all the time, like today it’s been close your eyes and make a wish. So I’m thinkinn about me, cause me yes. I’m thinkinn whas next and I know it. Time to Go. There. Then I hear this guy on the phone, laughing, laughing. Sun sparkles on his tongue and a mellifluous giggle escapes his lips and I’m hearing the Gods and it makes me laugh too.

Day Six. I’m sayinn. Not even hungry anymore. The body on minimal. The mind is sooo light. I feel like I could stay like this. I feel like I love feelinnn flyy. So light and luscious. I’m getting a lil addicted. It’s so simple. Not eating = free. Really, the best things in life are.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. In addition to juice I also had guacamole and white wine this afternoon. A few chips. Mostly guacamole. It’s like pudding. Pudding and wine. Exactly.

And I’m thinkinn of how the best things in life are free so I cancel my gym membership because I never go. And I think of how free is one of my favorite four letter words. Like love. And home. And calm. And slim. And soft.

3 Responses to “wait for the answer ~”

  1. Seeing bigger than life, so sharply!

  2. Jay said

    Nice artwork of Pavel Guzenko added..

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