Sentences on Conceptual Art No.5

August 19, 2012

Irrational thoughts must be followed logically and absolutely.
—Sol LeWitt

15 Responses to “Sentences on Conceptual Art No.5”

  1. That’s amazing, you should get it made into a valentines card and sell it to London Underground passengers!

    Seriously though that is proper awesome, I hope you don’t mind if I steal it for my wall!

    I’m Scone, an aspiring artist, writer, journalist, blogger, social commentator, kindly check out my megabytes!

    peace and love


    • Miss Rosen said

      i love your name ~*~

      you are welcome to the map, it does not belong to me, but do know this is new york baby ~ key to my heart, heart to my key, vibrations in my soul, run soo sooo deep.

      peace ~*~

      • thanks =) love your blog! I now realise this is NY subway system and not London! My humble apologies!

        Kindness is the greatest wisdom, is fantastic as well, I’ve never heard the phrase before, but so true and vital for the world =)

        As you clearly have incredibly good taste, and are at least on a groovability par with myself, please would you review my poem ‘Geraldine’ on my blog, its the most recent entry, and if you enjoy it kindly follow me for more groovyness,

        peace, love and harmony for ALL,

        Scone – I await your review with glee, all the way from the other NYC (North Yorkshire, County) in cloudy rainy England!

      • Miss Rosen said

        thank youu ~

        kindness is the greatest wisdom appeared on someone’s blog this morning after i had countless dreams last nite where i was given messages about love, forgiveness, release, peace, and kindness. i neva write anything down from my dreams, kinda resisting my unconscious as it adapts to something less err well yes.

        but then i blog and i find everything i am looking for, even tho i am not looking, it simply appears because ..

        alla this is One Mind. the Ethernet. the more i write, post, reveal the simple insantities of my life, the more i belong to something so much bigger than me.

        peace ~*~

      • That was an incredibly profound and inspirational post. And for that I thankyou!

        I’ve been toying with writing fiction (mostly) for about two years, but only created a blog about a week ago, and first positive for me, is an audience motivates me to write!

        And its incredibly useful speaking to like minded types, and just plain old groovy freaks =)

        In essence this type of interconnectivity, gives me the kick up the arse (ass in English) I need to become a creator,

        I was always put off writing because I worry I’m not good enough, but I became enlightened, after I heard an inspirational quote –

        ‘I’m not in it to win it, I’m in it to create’

        My little brother god it tattooed round his arm, and that changed my perspective, and i suppose gave me a slight confidence boost, I know I will never be Orwell, but as long as I’m enjoying myself (and spending decent time on mostly financially and academically ‘useless’ recreational activities, which I think makes life worth living!) its all good.

        Now I’m writing an equally crazy reply (obviously meant in a good way ;¬)

        always a pleasure =)



      • Miss Rosen said

        i can dig it ~*~

        what i love about blogging is that it is my purest form of instant gratification. writing words on a piece of paper no one may ever see tears me to shreds at times. tho i have introvert tendencies, i am a total exhibitionist, and something of a narcissist, and this makes me love attention. and a blog is a wonderful way to create this, both for writing and for sources of mutual (or even unrequited) admiration.

        i’ve had this blog for years but only in the past few months have i used it to explore my own passions and develop my voice. and in doing so, this practice has brought me closer to my true self than anything else ever has. because, for whatever reason, once my words live in the world, they detach from me and i can consider myself at a distance while simultaneously connecting deeper to that thang which is (in or of) me.

        for me, writing is sanity and salvation and also, pure pleasure and deep pain, and i love it all, even the parts i hate. it’s all me, and it is freedom in a way that i cant even explain. i always feel like the best possible person we can be is ourselves. if only because there is no other, and me, ahh, that makes my heart sing ~*~

      • your words and beautiful, passionate, incredibly, and they blow me away and inspire me, and give me a feeling that I as well may be truly onto something with getting my words out there, to people!!! and the likeminded people you can learn from and be inspired by, i feel like this is one of my priority’s in life after about 5 days of doing it, along with my dog and allotment! but its groovy, i dig it equally! I’m to high to reply properly but just wanna reiterate how inspiring you and your words have been to me thus far, thankyou, and peace and happy vibes from across the pond =)

      • Miss Rosen said


        yeaa ~ i hear you. when i’m baked like a clam i’m unable to write. there’s just nothing that important that demands my heart. which is all kindsa nice. a reprieve from me. not quite a proper vacation, but close enough for the night.

        yes and yes and yes to the beauty of the blog. i may say, and trust you will appreciate, there is nothing quite so beautiful as looking at your words alive outside of your mind. to bask in the reflected glory of the computer screen is a small but powerful pleasure sweeping the globe.

        i also adore blogging for this fact :: social networking is short form verse. there’s no depth to it, and it exists in this look-at-me universe, whereas the blog, well the blog to me is a hidden gem, a needle in the haystack, awaiting discovery. it is you, as it is me, all these buried treasures that exist, and, ohh one last thought and i leave you with this ..

        when i began blogging i was someone else. i mean i was me, but i was a limited me, trapped by ideologies that i have since flung by the wayside. and in freeing myself of these false boundaries, i discovered that the more me i become in my writing, the happier i am. and by way of me, i mean obscure and willfully vague and slightly off the wall and all out shameless and also, i’m just scratching the surface because, as i love to say time and again, there is no bottom to the depths of the soul ~*~

      • thankyou, that’s typically amazing of your posts! I will reply with a more functional linguistic intelligent self at some stage tomorrow. Keep it oh so incredibly groovy in the meantime, scone ;¬)

      • Sara ;¬) You have as always hit multiple nails on their heads!

        Couldn’t agree more about social media, and although this is a kind of look at me universe too, it has depth and ultimately a point and purpose to it!

        The blog is indeed a hidden gem, and one which im hoping will elevate my artistic contribution to myself and the world!

        Your last paragraph was beautiful and bang on, we are ultimately infinite possibility, and this very conversation is helping me on my path of personal evolution so I can hatch into the butterfly I am destined to be =)

        I guess I forgot the importance of creativity for everyone, especially for me, and I kind of realised I was wasting my life a bit, prior to following more creative/artistic pursuits a couple of years ago, although never really giving myself the time and motivation I need to flourish, but the blog thing is the motivator I needed!

        And its brilliant to speak with other amazing creative types, most of all you, because your words are so lovely =)

        I do have a bone to pick with you that being said….

        please follow my blog?!

        I must walk my delicious dog!

        Peace and Love


      • Miss Rosen said

        good day mr. scone,

        someone once told me that the photographer nan goldin said that there are far too many artists in the world and only those should remain who simply can’t live without it, and i think she is dead wrong. i believe everyone is an artist and this is what makes life beautiful. everyone should be encouraged to express themselves in whatever form soothes their soul, and no one should ve forced to have to pursue or abandon their art on anyone else’s terms.

        this is why i love blogs. i am discovering myself in my work as well as reflected in that of other people. i am particularly addicted to serveral Tumblr blogs where i see myself in the images that other people edit. i’ve discovered that i have much in common with high school girls caught in a gothic moment, which is sorta sweet and sad and dear for us all. and discovering my darker side, well, allow me to rephrase .. expressing my darker side has been a blessing and the more that came of it, the more i realized, i needed a second blog as the proper place for it.

        it’s so funny cause when people are like, what are you doing, i’m mostly just blogging away. at first i thought i could get people that i know/know me to see what i was doing (i’m in the process of beginning a second career as a writer/artist) but i soon realized, no, they won’t be particularly interested until i do something big. and what was amazing was to let this go and realize, there is a whole nother world out there that i can connect to in my new incarnation, which is exciting and inspiring and eye opening and mind blowing all at the same time.

        thank you for your lovely love and your charming poetry ~*~

      • Good Evening (at least here anyway) Miss Rosen ;¬)

        On your fascinating Nan Goldin quote thing – Loads of people myself included (for years) have been put off artistic pursuits for fear of turning out work a child could do, and basically being talentless, and worry that the standard of there work be it poetry, painting, whatever, is laughable.

        I thought like this for ages, until about 18months/2years ago, and even then I only toyed with the idea of doing more creative things and didnt really dedicate the time it and I deserved!

        But this having a real audience thang is really keeping me thoroughly entertained and motivated, and I think I am more than ready to crack on with my novel and actually write it and stop pissing around!

        Which leads me to – what do you plan to write? career wise? And kindly send me to your dark side blog, i’m intently intrigued!

        So I guess this is kind of my new incarnation too =) and I could never put it better than all this being exciting and inspiring and eye opening and mind blowing all at the same time, and thanks as always for your incredibly inspirational exceptionally exquisite wonderous words ;¬)

        from your fabulously favourite Alliterative and Awesome Aspiring Author,

        Scone ;¬)

      • Miss Rosen said

        goood eveninnn (said with the accent of The Count from Sesame Street) ~

        i think the most awful thing in the world is to judge yourself. by anyone’s standards, including your own. i’ve been taking care of things today with this vaguely uneasy sense. of. guilt. which has nothing to do with me other than the fact i don’t yet know how to lift it off my soul; it was implanted by other people who didn’t have self respect and thus, could not afford to respect anyone else ..

        the best thing, for me anyway, has been to write. it’s not that it has to be good, it’s that it must be done. thas why this blog (and The Kingdom of Eternal Night, have, for all intents and purposes, saved my life. i’m only a touch (melo)dramatic in saying this. but were i not able to break through my fear of honesty, via writing for instant publication, i would be much sicker than i already am.

        having been thru, i dont know, a lil bit of a maelstrom, i highly encourage you, and all people, to follow their heart. to do what pleases you for the sake of pleasing yourself. fuck art for art’s sake. i believe the creation of art saves lives. not just the creator but also the people who engage with the art itself. i’ve met countless people whose lives have been transformed by other people’s visions. myself included in that number ..

        sooo, what is next is next is next .. i have two novels to write. one is to rewrite the first draft of a very dark novel, the other is to write a memoir of the past ten years of my life. the first book is the story of destruction, the second is the story of redemption, but they’re both, ahh, fresh wounds unhealed and to go into this, well, i will admit it makes me nervous as in scared.

        mostly, i realize now, because i am doing it all alone. blogging is total gratification, both because people view it and are engaged, and because i see it, there, completed, and maaaan, i read some of my old shit and it is total shit and it makes me laugh and cringe. it’s sad but also incredible because ultimately all of this becomes a document of the journey i have decided to undertake as a novelist.

        ohh, yes, i’m also writing for several photography books, which is my other passion. once upon a time i was a publisher and until a few months ago i didn’t know that i would ever work in illustrated books again. but by the grace of God and one glorious spirit i have returned to that which i love more than almost anything else. books, always books, and then more books, and then, also, dance mahh ass off.


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