theme from my dream ~

August 19, 2012

3 Responses to “theme from my dream ~”

  1. ibraryunus said

    I didnt get some of the that… oh im feeling so unwise.. :(

    • Miss Rosen said

      you are not unwise. i am vague, intentionally so. many of these posts exist as notes to myself.

      this was my dream, last nite ::

      i was being told of love, i was given words and words and words were reverberating in my head so much that i was half awake, listening carefully.

      but me, i didn’t write a thing down. i’m not ready to write down these messages i am given.

      so i awake this morning with this wash of love all over me, and i sit down to blog and peruse one of my favorite sites and here is this post :: Kindness is Wisdom.

      which is the essence of everything my dreams were telling me. and so it is easier for me to find the answer than to tell it sometimes ~*~

      • ibraryunus said

        hmmm, yes no is see.. One can interpret these in anyway as they like… I like this style, very flexible and artistic… I too shared something similar, a blank page with only two commas. One can put anything between them.. Anything they may want to tell themselves.. So ‘Kindness is Wisdom’, you had happy and lovely dreams…. I wish i do too tonight… :) Good night and sweet dreams..

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