Rest In Peace Altai

August 25, 2012

Altai, a four-year old Siberian Tiger and father of three, escaped from his cell at the Cologne Zoo and killed one of the prison wardens before being shot dead.

“This is the darkest day of my life,” the zoo’s director, Theo Pagel, was quoted as saying by Cologne newspaper Express.

Really? The day of freedom and revolution and death in the name of honor and dignity and Truth is your darkest day? But every day you keep those animals locked up, on display for entertainment and profit, those days are okay?

Fuck a Zoo.
Rest in Peace Altai.

2 Responses to “Rest In Peace Altai”

  1. Nubian Goddess said

    Really?! They didn’t have another alternative, other than killing the animal. Urrrrgh. iHeart animals. Stop caging them, let them live in the wild, free to roam, free of human’s constant overwhelm.

    R.I.P. oh mi gosh!!

    • Miss Rosen said

      ima be like Antoinette talkinn bout Dont Get Me Started ~

      it’s too deep, the way these animals are exploited in the name of conservation. i wanna set them free and let them kill everybody who incarcerates them talkinn about science. and profit. and exploitation. eeeeevil people.

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