cholas by Janette Beckman and she is everywhere

I’m gettin sushi but I am vegan so you knoww what I mean and I just got back from summer love in the sky in the skyline in the fog the freedom tower is just freedo and it’s live and it glows and the pool is only three feet at the deepest and Miss Dickson got her shoes off and her feet in the pool and she’s with me..

And the DJ got Gwen Guthrie and Chaka Khan and I am introducing Janette Beckman to Eric Johnson and he says Sleeping Bag Records and I am ~

And Charlie Ahearn is here and he is sayinn I look ten years younger and I am sayinn not workinn is workinn for me and I dig this. I am on a roof and it is enda summer hurricane weather and my sushi style just arrived and I am sayinn peanut butta cupsss~*~