who is Mr. Brown

August 27, 2012

Coming into focus makes me dizzy until. Yes and then it’s a matter of balance, grace, ease, peace, slooow. So slow. Like you don’t even notice. It’s one thing leads to another without knowing how it is this way. The beginning is the middle of the end and it’s all in reverse because who could tell the difference in the first place.

Nonsense. Utter nonsense and opium and Cheshire Cat grins fading into oblivion or just vanishing into the unknown but nothing happens just because it can’t be seen, it’s still there. All. The Time. Is that white noise or static frequencies that can’t be seen or felt unless, well, then…

I don’t know what youu waitinn for cause it can be so much more like Bob Marley when you didn’t know what he meant but you nodded your head like heroin dig ..

Ohh yesss I.

It’s becoming clear and then it’s two or three or four more things but why not where there are rules there is resistance and this ain’t it let it flow free and I’m sayinn cause what else can there be to the point there’s lil else to hear

except what’s that Marley I’m hearinnn in mahh ear ..

Press PLAY

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