tens across the board

August 30, 2012

imagine ~ a booook
i been sayinn, forevaa
now ima write for it
whatever it is, it fascinates
photos with people meant for cameras
are the besssst people to watch

props to april flores
photographs by carlos batts
fat girl on the real
i believe in the universe

2 Responses to “tens across the board”

  1. *Yoles* said

    i love it!!!!
    PS i a fat girl on the real that believes in the universe!

    • Miss Rosen said

      Oo yeaa (said like Mr. Kool Aid)

      i am so glad we have connected! i believe all things are meant to be and i am so glad you dig my girl April Flores. she’s publishing a book called Fat Girl in Spring 2013 and I’m writing the introduction to it.

      long story short, i was planning to publish this years ago but it didn’t come to pass, but life has a way of circling around, spiraling so to speak, and things turn out for the best ..

      i love April for teaching me that “Happiness is a choice.” it’s also a commitment, but like everything else in life what you put in is what you get back ~*~

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