i love Robert Capa

A statuesque bottle, tall, square cut glass with black capital letter appliqué, a stately rendering for less than a sentence, just a name. Chanel No. 5 and my finger pressing the dispenser once twice three times the charm and I’m flattered and disarmed by the warm cool cold enveloping presence of a spirit that lives in the sparkling mist that graciously graces my skin and I am living when it enters my blood, feeling like a thousand stars twinkling above like light that is millions of years old only no I yes I think of every lady old lady the Katherine Hepburn, the Norma Desmond, even Coco herself, yes, most of all, herself. A presence that is in me and on me and of me but me I don’t know from where it comes because it is not me even tho through it I see others like me like me for it they think maybe She