do. it. yourself.

October 19, 2012

Do It Yourself. The ethos of the punk movement that began in the 1970s with a kind of we-ain’t-got-no-money joie de vivre. Style is using what you have at your disposal and putting it to work; being crafty, creative, criminal if need be. Turning everything on end to what end? Perhaps just notoriety. But is that such a bad thing? Asking questions, turning heads, upsetting applecarts—in many ways the punk aesthetic forever altered our assumptions about progress by taking back the means of production and giving it to the artist themselves. Whether music, fashion, graphic design, photography, typology, illustration—so many categories revitalized by the outpouring of art students in our brave new world.

Punk: An Aesthetic, edited by Johan Kugelberg and Jon Savage (Rizzoli International Publications) is a beautifully produced collection showcasing the development of a visual language that has become a lexicon of street style that has been standardized by youth culture around the globe. Here, Kugelberg and Savage present some of the most famous and infamous examples of the punk aesthetic. It is all here: the record covers, posters, newspapers & magazines, flyers, t-shirts, comic strips, collages, and all sorts of ephemera of the era, including a manuscript page from The Great Rock & Roll Swindle screenplay (1977). Here, page after page features photographs of all sorts: concerts, promos, portraits, and snapshots, energies filled with casual glamour and teen angst, a theatrical display of sight and sound that, when it first appeared, shocked polite society.

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One Response to “do. it. yourself.”

  1. pierre said

    i didnt read yr whole article, philosophising ‘punk’ is what killed punk, what am i doing now? anyway- suicide is not punk but it is so the natural ‘punk’ thing to do was to kill punk becuz…nature n death or something but ‘punk’ was a farce, anarchy is bullshit and at the end of the day?-when i was a kid i just wanted to do what i wanted-so i was a bit ‘punk’ and art had nothing to do with it- art is something cultural in a way- punk was anti-cultural to the extent that ‘punk’ never even existed physically- it was an idea, it wasnt fashion, music, whatever or maybe thats exactly what it was the true ideology of being able to say ; ‘whatever’-not give a fuck, hate the ppl that had to ‘be’ something-forgetting insecurity just being and not ‘having to be’. i miss the times when i got to not be interested and not expect interest, just wanting to eat some girls pussy and laugh about the fact that her friends said my hair stank,(of soap)- but i did care about my appearance-which isnt punk now is it. sid Vicious was a punk but he cared about telling ppl to fuck off- punk? Punk will forever be an enigma, it will be something that will never be properly understood for it is a philosophy but not meant to be one…

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