photograph by Helen Gras

photograph by Helen Gras


A third-generation New Yorker, Miss Rosen has gone tri-boro. She represents the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, where she lives and works as an author and journalist. Everything is Art. Photography. Stories. Poetry. Scene. Drama. Romance. Passion. Intrigue. Glamour. Everything is books. They offer a romance no other medium can touch.

Miss Rosen is currently Publicity Director of Glitterati Incorporated, an independent illustrated book publisher based in midtown Manhattan specializing in luxurious art and lifestyle books. At Glitterati, she has created The Click and The Chic, weekly features profiling a single figure in the art, photography, publishing, or fashion industry. She also writes about photography for L’Oeil de la Photographie and profiles musicians, artists, and designers for Jocks & Nerds. Miss Rosen has previously contributed to aRUDE, Code, Grey, L’Uomo Vogue, Staf, Swindle, and Whitewall magazines.

From 2000­–2009, Miss Rosen was the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Publicity for powerHouse Books, a photography and illustrated book publisher based in Brooklyn. In 2005 she launched Miss Rosen Editions, her own imprint focusing on contemporary urban culture. She published 15 art, photography, memoir, and fiction titles with authors including Boogie, Martha Cooper, and Charlie Ahearn. Miss Rosen also launched powerHouse magazine, a twice-yearly publication organized around a single theme, equal parts cultural investigation, exhibition catalogue, and product brochure.

As Vice President of Marketing & Publicity, Miss Rosen conceptualized and executed campaigns for some 45 books annually, and produced hundreds of book events including cocktail parties, exhibitions, musical performances, readings, lectures, and slide shows. Her career highlights include the Vandal Squad panel discussion at the powerHouse Arena; “We B*Girlz: A 25th Anniversary Breakin’ Event at Lincoln Center Out of Doors”; the graffiti episode of NBC’s “The Apprentice”.

Miss Rosen has lectured at Columbia University, the International Center of Photography, and the School of Visual Arts, all in New York. She has been featured in publications including aRUDE, Eyemazing, Juxtapoz, Paper Magazine’s 9th Annual “Beautiful People” Issue, Photo District News, Spread ArtCulture, and Style Monte Carlo.

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35 Responses to “Miss Rosen”

  1. jianaijennychen said

    loooooooks HOT <3
    go sara yay yay yay

  2. Alan King said

    Your blog is incredible! I’m going to link it to mine. Peace!

  3. Great blog. It speaks the truth…

  4. Patti Astor said

    Want to subscribe!!!! xx

  5. Julie Donaldson said

    LOVE your blogs!!

  6. TRACY 168 said


  7. Miss Sara,

    Your blog is so refreshingly realistic & chic!

    The photos are very clear & crisp & you chose

    pretty people to shoot so it only enchances

    the unique blog you’ve created!

    You are a true asset to the now,today & future


    Its been wonderful communicating with you as



  8. hello miss rosen.
    my book with your “no desire to please” afterwords is OUT NOW !!!!!!
    Like to send you a copy.
    please , where should i send it to ?
    all the best

  9. The fabulous Miss Rosen ! Happy New Year 2012

  10. James Dunn said

    Brilliant blog, I’m following now so I don’t miss a thing!

  11. Stunning images, great photography, my congratulations

  12. Sara said

    You are awesome

  13. dear Miss,

    love the Stendhal quotes that you posted with my images!
    kind regards,

  14. your blog is quite frankly one of the most beautiful things in my life….great on Emerson
    whitestarline1000 Tumblr, Blogger, You Tube

  15. Azi said

    Like your blog very much. :)

  16. Love your blog, and have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Congratulations! What to do? Check:

  17. Informative, Interesting -n- Interactive…

  18. whitt88 said

    Thank you for posting -( we never would have discovered such fine entertainment if you hadn’t.)

  19. Miss Rosen is the best

  20. Hi Lady!!

    Glad to have found you here. You are definitely going on my blog roll!! Smooches mama!!

  21. fivereflections said

    nice to meet you

  22. Doon Art said

    I love & appreciate you blog. I have added you to my “Blog Love” list. Keep sharing. Donna

  23. Outstanding blog. I love the vintage photos I could look at these forever. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Clareana said

    awesome blog to read…i enjoyed reading. keep posting.

  25. NickKills said

    nice blog enjoyed the reads!

  26. asjellis said

    Great blog. Really interesting stuff going on in here.

  27. I Really enjoy reading all of your post… that was impress me so much, keep yourself Original mam…

  28. Congratulations, Miss Rosen! I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can check out my latest blog post for details! Basically it just means I really like your blog :)

    More info can be found here:

  29. Miss Rosen,

    There was no one more on my mind than you this morning as I wrote “Something Happened.”

    Precious, precious Miss Rosen.


  30. Hello Miss Rosen,

    I’ve nominated you for the one lovely blog award:

    I really enjoy the mix of contemporary and historical photography you present. Thanks for producing this great site!

  31. Congratulations Rosen! I like your power to see everything it happen outside or into my mind. Don’t stop, for world pleasure, and mine too.

  32. adamcramb said

    Sarah bo barra….Graff paint lite ya hair on fire babe….keeper low honey…peace…

  33. adamcramb said

    Wow…I should say this a surprise…..a novel revealed……but I had a feeling you had one in the drawer…love the image montage…just as appealing and informative of your soul as the writing…congrats on the release…and many thanks…be well darling.

  34. francoise2012 said

    Love your Blog Miss Rosen very interesting and original!

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