love mah people

May 9, 2012

I used to work in Times Square. Ya feel me. Photo by Inge Morath: A Llama in Times Square, 1957

I used to live for the depths of surface and perhaps for the surface of depths. Then I got into deep diving, mining the mind, and I got into the depths of depths. Jokes on me cause all roads lead to the unknowable, and so after heavy lifting I find a feather floating in the breeze. Nice, right, like the Gods get to giggle. I like that tho, brings me back to where I began, with a lil more experience.

I am forever recreating that moment where it was aaaaall about me. World was mine to define and design and I love that vibe. All these photos with no credits? They’re from blogs kept by girls, sixteen, seventeen, teenage photo editors living for digital images. Gothic and Lolita and Barbie, all these feminine curves and shapes and shades. For a minute I been thinking I am in terminal adolescence, which is the essence of America, die young and leave a beautiful corpse. I dig.

Sometimes I feel like I am starring in silent film, other times a music video. I am an introvert and an exhibitionist. Strange mix, I think. Add to that I love people, it’s like gettinn dosed. Energy floats, and it goes to places that echo like a song I’ve never heard. A photo I didn’t see, because I was there…


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