On the first anniversary of the June 4, 2009 publication of Pillage by Brantly Martin, the only novel published under the Miss Rosen Editions imprint, Variety reports:

Renee Zellweger is ready to party with “Pillage,” having acquired feature rights to former New York City nightlife impresario Brantly Martin’s novel of the same name.

Zellweger will produce “Pillage” with PalmStar Entertainment’s Kevin Frakes. John Krokidas (“Slo-Mo”), who penned the screenplay, will direct; shooting is scheduled to start during the first half of next year in New York City.

Newly minted PalmStar Media Capital will finance and handle worldwide sales.

“Pillage” centers on four best friends living in Manhattan who rebel against their dead-end lives by searching for the perfect party in the downtown nightlife scene.


Having spent the better part of my adolescence in New York’s after hours locales, and countless evenings hosting events in the city’s more upscale establishments, I am familiar with the creatures of the night—the fabulous and flamboyant, the decadent and depraved, the desperate and the effervescent mix that emerges in an unforgettable cocktail of sex, drugs, and DJ grooves.

It was, in fact, at one such party that I first met Brantly Martin, then a promoter who teamed up with powerHouse to host some of our more over-the-top book release parties. Unlike the industry’s standard wine-and-cheese affairs, we have always prided ourselves on unforgettable events that combine the high style of the club scene with the cultural cache of the art world. Most recently, we reconnected at the launch of The powerHouse Library at Mansion, New York’s biggest and boldest superclub. It was there that I discovered Brantly had written a novel.

“Send it to me!” I enthused.

“But you only do art books?”

“That doesn’t matter! I want to read it,” I determined, assured that any expose of the club scene was well worth an evening’s reading. Much like the drugs it describes, Pillage offers more than entertainment and escape—it offers insight and inspiration, refreshingly unpretentious yet intelligent analysis of America through the combination of shocking content and striking style, a risky mix of prose poetry, drug-addled imagery, and clear, concise English.

The love child of Charles Bukowski and Bret Easton Ellis, Brantly Martin provides a brutal yet hilarious look at the lives of Manhattan’s downtown elite at the dawn of the new millennium in Pillage, his first novel. Detailing the decadent descent of Cracula and his crew, Brantly lures us into the shadowy ambiguities of addiction—a world where desire meets destruction and the perversity of this pathos is often laughable. Be it urban wildebeest Aeronymous, the wigga with a taste for BAPE sweaters and iced coffees; the Fireman, the overgrown adolescent who knows the quickest way to your ex-girlfriend’s bed; or the Reverend, who rejected the sins of his brothers to save the Africans from themselves, the entitled creatures of this novel plunder what remains of a once-vibrant culture and reap the spoils of our languorous generation.

Between eight balls of cocaine and pints of Patrón, Cracula fluctuates between reality and fantasy, hyper-aware of the façades, formulas, and falsehoods that encircle his existence, but unable to gain an advantage. Pillage reveals the inherent hypocrisy of America’s social and economic achievements, as they are made manifest in the city that never sleeps, slyly implying that triumph is a trap in itself—and the only way out? Just ask Kurt Cobain…

Brantly Martin

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