Mac Folkes has a vision and a voice and in the creation of The Slant he has made an artifact that defines the zeitgeist. Though it is a pure piece of printed matter it is neither book nor magazine nor journal nor zine. It is a work of art unto itself that is as much a publication as a piece of origami.

The art of folded paper transforms the two dimensional into three, and The Slant does just this, and then it goes further, you see. Because it combines the image with text, centered around a single them to explore at leisure and in depth. The first issue of The Slant focuses on shame and takes what is perhaps the most painful emotion of all and allows us to consider it in a dynamic new way.

The Slant creatively combines wit and wisdom to reconceptualize our approach to the printed object and provides us with a multi-layered work that allows us to take pleasure that combines in equal parts the aesthetic and intellect sensibilities. “I am a deep romantic,” Folkes observes. “A true believer. I want to be heard. I see the finish line and as it comes it starts getting larger and larger and it makes me think about what I want to leave behind, a legacy.”

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